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    Hebei's game with Brake Components Ltd is the production of vehicle braking materials, plus the professional production. Companies have a perfect production equipment and testing equipment, the annual production capacity of about 100 million, the full range of selection can irrigation million, Variety complete, and can meet the requirements of more than 400 models. Match with the company's own team of professionals and technical and management personnel, skilled master brake

    production of advanced technology, Formulation Process and management experience. Match with the company's production brake assembly by the state, the Bureau of detection, various performance indicators are met and exceeded the national standard, in full compliance with a series of major vehicle for the application requirements. In over the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States in more than a dozen countries. Match with the company's product quality to the lives of enterprises, as always, customer-centered. Enterprises continued to strengthen the technical quality of the work, and strengthen the quality of management, strengthen technological progress, Quality Management System through the ISO9001 international certification. Of advanced technology into the traditional auto industry, which is the launch of the China's pursuit of brand-name forever. Unique marketing ideas, and win-win mode of operation. Through efficient real-time network information management platform. Casting enterprise core competitiveness.

    "Excellent quality, safe companions."

  • Brake Pad Set:80A 698 151 B

    80A 698 151 B

  • Brake Pad Set:58101-S1A85


  • Brake Pad Set:16 179 368 80

    16 179 368 80

  • Brake Pad Set:65.50820-6000


  • Brake Pad Set:7LA 698 151 A

    7LA 698 151 A

  • Brake Pad Set:7LA 698 151

    7LA 698 151

  • Brake Pad Set:5WA 698 151 M

    5WA 698 151 M

  • Brake Pad Set:5WA 698 151

    5WA 698 151

  • Brake Pad Set:000 420 76 00

    000 420 76 00

  • Brake Pad Set:000 420 75 00

    000 420 75 00

  • Brake Pad Set:45022-TVC-A02


  • Brake Shoe Set:9101082


  • Brake Shoe Set:5-87832-257-0


  • Brake Shoe Set:4600A350


  • Brake Shoe Set:53200-58M00


  • Brake Shoe Set:53200-84M00-000


  • Brake Shoe Set:04495-0K130


  • Brake Shoe Set:58350-1YA00


  • Brake Shoe Set:77367099


  • Brake Pad Set:MK530890