A new manufactory completed

        In March of 2021, the first phase of Hebei Dingde Auto Parts Co., Ltd., a new factory area, was completed, with a total area of 100,000 square meters (150 acres). It consists of eight sub-factories (Figure 1), integrating production, technology, environmental protection, materials and warehousing. Make full use of the resource management advantages of new and old factories, and develop rapidly in the direction of bigger, stronger and diversified integration (Figure 2:the internal construction of environmental protection factories.Figure 3:transportation and storage workshops ). Figure 4 shows the completion of the "Friction Materials R&D Center". Mr. Zhang Chunfeng, the Chairman of Saizhishun Brake Components Co., Ltd. and Secretary General of Gucheng County Friction Materials Industry Association (Figure 5), having listened carefully to the party's report "Opening a new journey and creating a new situation" at the tenth plenary meeting of the thirteenth Committee of the Gucheng County of the Communist Party of China and he gave a speech and that is, "The government and enterprises will be connected well, playing the role of bridges and ties. We will be good assistants to government service enterprises. Focusing on the overall development of the county party Committee government, we will do a good job in transformation and upgrading, brand promotion, market development, and making it bigger and stronger, and contribute to the economic development of the Gucheng city. "
2021-04-02 13:06:47